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Project ICO runs until 3 of April
is the primary classified directory of the cryptoworld
Hiring staff from other countries, buying goods all over the world – all of this can be done at fatcats.market platform
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Project launch plans:

ERC20 tokens issued

Token sale starts

Token sale ends
5 174 000


Single GSXC token price:

Until 17 Mar 2018

Until 03 Apr 2018

Beta version launched on
0,001 ETH

0,002 ETH

Этапы монетизации площадки
начиная с 1.09.18:

Banner ads appear

Context ads and paid placements appear

Paid classifieds appear

Paid-for account types appear

To be determined
The primary market of the cryptoworld
Platform monetization stages, beginning 1.09.18:
Tilda Publishing
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Frequently Asked Questions
Could this be a scam or a Ponzi scheme?
Alpha versions of the app and the site are online already. You can test both yourself and make a decision about whether this is a scam or a genuine project.
Would people actually buy things for Coin?
In the last three months of 2017 alone, the total volume of payments made through just the Bitcoin network was $150 billion. This is a factor of ten more than last year and is over seven times the amount transferred through the Western Union network during the same period. We are not even mentioning the technologies that will soon reduce transaction fees and latencies. We are simply looking at the statistics, and the statistics is clear - people are actively trading in coin despite the technical complications.
What about government regulation?
The risk of state interference in our project is high. I am naturally not keen on making it on the SEC sanction list or something similar. At the moment, I am selling tokens that are similar in description and functionality to shares. I will therefore always do the due diligence and ask who is investing into our project, and whether they are a US citizen. That reduces the risk, but does not make it zero. Investors should be fully aware that the risk of the project being simply shut down by some government agency does exist.
Could cryptocurrencies crash out completely?
I think that is unlikely. There are a number of countries, from Belarus to Japan, that have completely legalised cryptocurrencies. Japan in particular is seeing some cryptocurrency payments. Then there is darknet where the exchange of illegal goods and services is mediated by coin; they are not going to drop cryptocurrencies no matter how big the overheads are. To put it simply, there are some points of instability, but cryptocurrencies are unlikely to crash all the way to zero.
Who is on the project team?
I am the leader – Nikolai Mokhov. You may have come across The Dark Side of Business project – I created it. If you are looking for the regalia, the work experience and the endorsements, take a look at my LinkedIn profile.

As for the rest of the crew – there isn't much point parading them here, and they can change as the play unfolds. Investors will in any case be dealing directly with me, and the responsibility for the delivery of the project rests entirely with me. I will also be answering all investors' questions personally.

I don't like the common practice of listing two dozen experts on the site. Firstly, because I don't like to feed the freeloaders. Secondly, because it slows things down. I only have faith in the start-ups that are run by small teams. Like Pavel Durov who is running a £100M+ project with a team of ten. Like other clever folks.
What are your business development plans?
The plans are tied down to two things. First – the volume of the funds raised. Say, we raise a hundred thousand dollars. This would allow us to develop the project within the Russian-speaking segment of the internet and expand a little into the Second World, where the cost of attracting users is not too high. The other important matter is which countries are going to criminalise the exchange of real goods and services for coin, and which are not.

The general principle is as follows: to link the rich countries with the poor ones so as to facilitate international exchange of services.
What is your cost structure?

80% of our costs in the near term are marketing and advertising. We have minimised development and hosting infrastructure costs.
What is your profit forecast?
We are not making profit forecasts or writing sales plans for a simple reason – nobody knows how a project would exist in the cryptoworld. It is a new world with no established code of practice. I would suggest that investors treat the project as an interesting and entertaining experiment. Yes, it might get shut down a month down the line by some government agency, or indeed it may explode into a multi-billion dollar story. Both outcomes are equally likely. Forecast writing would not help this project become a billion-dollar story, it would only waste the project team time.
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