Ad placement rules
Please, read this carefully before placing an ad.
By registering on this Website, the User agrees with these rules and assume all the rights and duties considering placing ads on the Website specified in them.

Fatcats.market has the right to check and/or delete an ad, and limit the User's access to the Website in case the placed ad violates the rules of the Website, existing international legislation and/or rights of third parties.

The administration of the Website reserves the right to decline an ad if the User who places it repeatedly violates the rules of the Website, or his ad receives verified complaints from other Users.

General provisions:

  • Do not place ads about goods and services which are prohibited by the international legislation.
  • Do not publish ads about goods/services, in case you do not have respective rights. The User shall not sell goods, the sale of which requires obtaining a legal permit in case the User does not have the permit required.
  • The User shall have only one registered account on the Website. Do not register twice using another e-mail address.
  • Do not place the same ad (offering same goods or services) twice, irrespective of whether they are placed in different regions or categories.
  • Place one kind of goods/services in one ad. The exception is when the User offers a 'set' which is sold or rented as a whole with a price for the entire set. In case if the User has many goods to offer, he shall publish them in separate ads.
  • Do not place ads to promote online resources (web-portals, forums, dating sites, etc.) and businesses (shops, companies. etc.).
  • Do not place ads to request financial assistance, raise funds, ask for donations and so on.
  • Do not place ads that contain deliberately false information, advertisements of pyramid schemes or other shadowy activities.
  • Please, choose the section that matches best to goods/services you offer and the region where your goods/services are actually located. For example, if you want to sell a 1-room apartment in London, then London should be the city you specify in the ad (not Birmingham or Manchester).
  • Please, immediately remove your ad in case it is no longer relevant.
  • Do not place ads, description of which lacks essential information about goods, about their purchase conditions or conditions of use, especially in case information is distorted and may mislead customers.

How to fill in the ad fields:


  • Title of the ad shall conform to its contents.
  • Do not repeat question, exclamation and other marks, as well as words to attract attention, e.g. 'Urgent!!!', 'Sell!', 'Buy!', 'Best deal!' and so on.
  • Do not specify contact information (phone number, actual/legal/electronic address (e-mail), website name (link), ICQ, Skype, company name, etc.) in the title.
  • Do not write in capital letters, except for words that should begin with capital letters. Only abbreviations may be written entirely in capital letters. Incorrect title: «URGENTLY BUY AUDI».


  • Ads should contain the fullest description of goods/services, which you offer/search for. It is allowed to specify related information, including options and conditions of purchase, delivery details, information about discounts and gifts, installation and assembly, etc.
  • Do not describe capabilities of goods you offer in an advertising manner.
  • Do not specify contact information (phone number, actual/legal/electronic address (e-mail), website name (link), ICQ, Skype, company name, etc.) in the description.
  • Do not write in capital letters, except for words that should begin with capital letters.
  • Using keywords, adding lists of goods or price lists to facilitate the search for ads published by the User is not allowed.


  • The price shall conform to the factual price of goods/services.
  • The price shall be a whole number. Do not use words to indicate the price (e.g. 'expensive', 'cheap', etc.).
  • The User shall specify the full price of goods/services for sale/rent. For instance, if the item is sold by installment, the User shall still indicate the full price, regardless the payment period and terms. Please, provide all the details about installment in the description field.
  • Do not specify the price in the title or description — there is a special field for that.


  • Photos that show your goods/services should comply to the title and description of the ad.
  • Photos should not contain elements of the user interface, abstract images, frames or other details added or drawn in photo editing programs.
  • The main picture should not be a collage; pictures should not contain logo or brand images, copyrights or watermarks, company names, phone numbers, e-mails, website links and so on.
  • Photos shall be of good quality, goods should be clearly visible. The optimal size: width – 1024 pixels, height – 800 pixels, size up to 500 kb.
  • Use only real pictures of goods in ads about buying or selling.
  • Ads that offer services can contain any theme-related graphic images but should not violate anyone's intellectual property rights.
  • The use of pictures containing alcohol drinks, tobacco products, weapons and similar items is prohibited.
After the ad is placed (published), it becomes visible to all users and is checked by a moderator.

Administration of the website reserves the right to make additions and changes to the list of goods/services prohibited from publishing on the website.

If you have any further questions, please contact our support: fatcatsmarkt@gmail.com.